Monkey Ninja Bootcamp Timelapse Video

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This oldie but goodie is a timelapse video taken by Imad Obegi a couple years ago of my Monkey Ninja Bootcamp at Berkeley Iron Works. A little glimpse of all the things we do in bootcamp…..if you look closely, you’ll notice Kimber in the mix 🙂

Just wanted to share 🙂

Yours in Health,

Kristin at The Fuse Fitness



Maintaining Your Sexy!

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My business partner and great friend Pascha Brown wrote a valuable piece on how to stay on track and maintain your fitness goals. Her post really reminded me of this week’s motivational quote from Oprah, “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining who we are.” We can’t reach and maintain our goals by slipping back into bad habits. We have to stay committed, focused and consistent, but not beat ourselves up for slipping every now and then. Here’s Pascha’s article…

After setting your goals, working towards and achieving some visible results, how do you maintain them?

We often sabotage ourselves when we are nearly there. Why? Because we have started to look and feel fitter than we were before, leading to increased self-confidence. At this point it’s easy to go right back into our old habits, such as eating too much unhealthy food and starting to skip workouts.

When this occurs it is very difficult to get back on track because we compound the breakdown by getting upset with ourselves. A great strategy for combatting a set back and a potential psychological tailspin, is to realize and plan for the likelihood of ups and downs. Acknowledge now what the potential setback triggers are for you and then plan what you will do in case you do lapse. In other words, what will you do if you have a bad day to let it go and move forward to create a good day?


Here is a checklist to get you through your maintenance phase.

  • Consistently work on your eating habits though they will never be perfect. If you fall off the horse, just get right back on.
  • Vary your workouts so your body does not reach a plateau. This is why as instructors we are always changing up our workouts and why we offer a variety of classes.
  • Don’t feel that you have to achieve a high level of fitness in order to achieve results.
  • After you have completed one major goal, quickly move onto the next goal. Fitness doesn’t stop after weight loss.
  • You do not need to work out several hours a day and live on salad and protein shakes. Avoid over-training and getting burned out.
  • Have an accountability partner or take group classes to stay consistent. We offer many awesome, diverse and well programmed classes here at The Fuse Fitness. Check out our class schedule here.
  •  You have to do what is necessary to achieve results, and that takes commitment and consistency.

Share with us, what do you do to stay on track?

Yours in Health,

Kristin and Pascha at The Fuse Fitness

Goal Setting

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Happy weekend to you all! Extra bonus: it’s 3 days long! Awesome 🙂

I hope last post got you to thinking about your fitness goals; I know it did for me. Which is why I want to talk a bit more in-depth about the importance of setting specific goals and how to set them, and why this leads to success. I will also share my personal fitness goals–nothing like putting your goals out there to the world to help hold you accountable!

goals success

First of all, setting goals gives you focus and clarity for the long-term, and also inspires and motivates you day to day. Specificity is really important when setting goals; it creates a clearly defined goal and a time frame in which you want to achieve it. For example, if your goal is simply to lose weight, there’s very little motivation or focus there to push you. However, if you specify that you want to lose 8% body fat by May 1st of this year, now you’re talking. You’ve got something quantifiable to achieve and a deadline that you want to hit this goal by. The SMART acronym is a perfect guideline to help you make goals that will be successful.


After creating a time frame for yourself, it’s much easier to break that up into smaller periods with smaller goals set to help reach the big goal. Much more manageable than just saying I’d like to lose some weight this year. A really important part of setting these smaller, stepping stone goals is rewarding yourself. Whether it’s a massage, a new outfit, whatever it is that feels like a reward, this is really motivational and a key to success.

I’m going to share with you my fitness goals for this year. This will help hold me accountable and keep me in check. First, and most important for me, is that I will spend more time this year making sure I have enough recovery between workouts. I have found that my body is overtrained, feeling tight and injured, and I know that I am working out too much. Without proper recovery, you actually stall your improvements, and it has a negative effect on the body. I need to really focus on this, which is very difficult for me, because as many of you know, I want and love to work out with every one of my classes.


My next goal is that I want to add weight to my pull-ups. By May, I’d like to be able to do 5 strict pull-ups with an 8lb kettlebell attached to my body. Let the pull-up training begin for me! I will keep you posted on this goal 🙂


Last, I must bring back my post-workout protein shakes!! I will do another post on this soon (including a video of me making my shake so you can see how easy it is), but for now, you can read my last one here. This is so important, and I have completely dropped the ball on this. Beginning this week, it’s on!

Enjoy the beautiful weekend everyone!

Yours in Health,

Kristin at The Fuse Fitness,

New Year, New You

Hi Fusers!

Happy New Year!! Here at The Fuse we are committed to making 2013 the year to accomplish all your fitness goals. We are here to help with fun, creative, well-designed workouts that will leave you leaner, stronger, more functional, and more balanced in mind, body and spirit.


“Clear your mind of can’t.” –Samuel Johnson

This quote inspires us to keep going, keep trying, to never give up. It’s often too easy to quit when things get tough. Those last 10 burpees for example–are they hard? Absolutely. Would it be easier and more comfortable to quit. Sure. But in the end, is that the most rewarding choice, the one getting you closer to your goals? Probably not.  Rarely is the easier choice the best choice. Results, success and accomplishment simply come from good, old-fashioned hard work.


The Fuse Fitness, both its instructors and members, is a place where everyone is supportive of each other. We are all in this journey together–to be fit, healthy and strong. To live life to the fullest. Together, we will achieve our fitness goals.

Whether your 2013 goal(s) is to do a strict pull up, complete 20 push ups in a row, sprint that hill without feeling like you’re going to die, do the Tough Mudder or some other crazy race, or decrease your body fat while increasing lean muscle mass—you CAN do it. Your support system is here. The year is brand new. Time to clear your mind of can’t and make this year all about the new you!

Yours in health,


P.s. Feel free to email us at if you ever have any questions or need some extra support or motivation. We are here for you!