Improving Body Confidence!

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Today I want to talk a bit about something many people struggle with–body confidence. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful people with seemingly perfect bodies, it’s easy to feel a little insecure about ourselves.

Hang Ups

We all have our hang ups; ask anyone, and I’m sure they will easily list off the things about their bodies that are less than perfect. Ask them what it is they like about themselves and often that answer is a bit harder to come by.


Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why is it so challenging to focus on all the positive, wonderful things are bodies are capable of? How can we aim to increase our body confidence while still working to achieve our fitness and health goals?

Letting Go

I believe the first step is letting go of an unachievable standard. Realize that most models have been airbrushed to look perfect and/or use unhealthy practices to be thin. Recognize what your body is, rather than what it is not.

Shift Your Focus

Learn to focus on and highlight your strengths. Be proud of what your body can do, rather than upset because the scale isn’t where you want it to be yet. Reward yourself for getting stronger and making positive, healthy changes. And remember to keep up the good work!

body confience

Prioritize Your Health

Make your priority your overall health, not a number on the scale. It is far too easy to fixate on what the scale tells you. Changing your goals to reducing unhealthy habits and increasing healthy ones will do wonders for your body. Eat well, exercise regularly, get quality sleep, drink plenty of water–all these things go a long way.

It is such a blessing to be around so many wonderful people who value their health and bodies; let’s keep the positive energy flowing and remind each other and ourselves of all the hard work we put into taking care of our health.

Team Work!

Work with friends, family members, colleagues on this: compliment people for a job well done; tell someone if they inspire you; thank someone for being a good role model; and most importantly, remind yourself of how awesome you are 🙂

Yours in Health,

Kristin @ The Fuse Fitness


The Benefits of Rest (Part 2)

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Here is Part 2 of Beverly’s “Take a Rest” series. Check out Part 1 if you missed it. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Rest

What is the upside of a day or two off? One of the most important benefits of a rest day is that your body is able to  adapt to the level of stress it is experiencing. Your muscles grow when you rest.  Also, if you are more rested, you will be more focused and able to enjoy your day-to-day life.

Plus, with a rest day in place, you now have an hour or two to do something fun. A day off will leave you with energy to enjoy the other important aspects of life.

On Your Day of Rest

On your rest day do not cross-train.  Get a massage, do some light stretching or walking, just to fend off lethargy. Keep your heart rate down and your muscles relaxed.


Needing a Longer Break

If you have answered yes to a few questions listed in Part 1 of the series, you might consider easing up for a couple weeks along with taking a day or two of rest. Easing up means giving only 60 to 70% effort to your workout, using lighter weights and/or exercising for less time.

Do not worry that backing off or taking a day or two off will derail your fitness. According to American Council on Exercise, depending on your level of fitness it takes weeks before your cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength will significantly decline. The energy you gain from a rest will help you meet and maybe even exceed your goals.


What’s your favorite way to unwind, relax and restore?

Yours in Health,

The Fuse Fitness

Take a Break! (Part 1)

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Happy Friday!! This week’s post is very important, an integral part of fitness and results. One that is too easy to skip. We frequently get so caught up in our need to accomplish our goals, that we forget to rest our bodies. Our dear friend Beverly Aabjerg is the guest writer for this 2 part series, and she has done a great job! Thank you Beverly!! 
Take a Break!
Take a break, not for long, but for a day or two every week. When you workout hard, it is critical to your physical and mental well-being to take the time to let your mind and body rest and renew.
Whether a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, rest is an important component of reaching your desired level of fitness. The American College of Sports Medicine advises, “A rest day must occur at least one to two times per week. Even small breaks during a workout are sometimes required to get the most out of the workout and prevent injuries.”

Here are signs that you may need a break:

1. Are you constantly fatigued?
2. Do have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep or do you need more than eight hours a night to feel alert?
3. Are you sore and stiff with aching joints and muscles for days with no relief?
4. Do you depend on pain medication to get you through a day?
5. Is the love gone between you and your workout even though nothing about it is  different? It may be time to switch up routines, or you might be burning out.
6. Overtraining can have a plateau affect on your body. Are you noticing few improvements or gains? Your body may have reached a stalemate that only a rest can fix.

7. Do you feel anxious knowing that your calendar or life-schedule will not allow you to workout everyday?
8. Are you experiencing one injury after another to one or more body parts? Beware,     acute issues can become chronic if not addressed.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, as advised, incorporate a rest day or two into your weekly workout schedule. Some people take a day off every fourth day. Others take Sunday off and start their week with energy and enthusiasm. Think of your rest day as being as crucial to your fitness as your workout days. If you have health concerns beyond over training, talk to your doctor. He or she will be able to help you determine if there are other underlying causes.

For more see next week’s blog where we will discuss the benefits of a rest day.

So remember, rest is crucial to making fitness gains. There is such a thing as too much. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
Yours in Health,
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Staying on Track!

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Hope you’re having a great week thus far!

Most of us made some health and fitness goals a couple of months back. Wasn’t it easy to be gung-ho at the beginning of the new year, when we were motivated to have a fresh start, work hard and keep a positive attitude?

Life Happens

However, life happens and sometimes we get derailed off our path toward our goals. Often  it is a short series of small derailments that topple us, leaving us feeling defeated. We’re here to encourage everyone revisit your goals. Take an honest look at where you are right now and let’s get back on track!

Be Forgiving

First and foremost, forgive yourself if you haven’t quite stayed the course with your goals. We are all human, nobody is perfect. Both life’s enjoyments and stresses can lead us to make not-so-healthy choices. Take a moment to recognize this and keep it in mind. It is not how far we fall, but how we get back up that makes the difference in life.


Realistic Goals

Maybe your goals were not quite realistic. Remember that if you completely deprive yourself of your greatest pleasures (wine, chocolate, etc.), your body will not feel satisfied and you’re more likely to end up bingeing. Keep your goals realistic. Cut back so that you can still meet your goals, but allow yourself some room to relax and enjoy. Quality of life and good mental health are also very important.


Hold Yourself Accountable

Share your goals with someone! By putting yourself out there and using the buddy system for motivation, you’re more likely to stay on track because you’ll be checking in with someone about your progress.

Be Honest with Yourself

This is very important. We all know our weaknesses, and it’s far too easy to make excuses for them. Eating out too often? “Well, you know, I just don’t have time to cook….” Indulging in your sweet tooth too much? “Well, I just needed some instant energy because I haven’t been sleeping well….” Do these excuses sound familiar? Identify your weaknesses and keep them in check.

eat clean

We’re all in this together. We all get off track and lose motivation, but let’s encourage and inspire ourselves and each other to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Yours in Health,

Kristin @ The Fuse Fitness